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Land of Forever - One Thousand Island Lake


Land of Forever - One Thousand Island Lake

The first knowledge for me on one thousand island lake is from the famous Nongfu mineral water. China's cleanest water supplier sources the water from the lake and I am dreaming that I can taste the sweet water in person.

Last Thursday, I departed from Shanghai to one thousand island lake to visit such a clean and delightful escape which is about 4.5 hours' ride. After I arrived, I was surprised by the crystal-clear lake and especially enchanting scenery. We chose the speedboat to the island which was fast and stimulating. Unlike other famous scenic spots, one thousand island lake was relatively quiet and peaceful. I never saw such a pure and clean lake like it.

The breeze caressed my face, I closed my eyes to enjoy the precious peace which has become a treasure and extravagant hope in busy cities. Facing the calm and beautiful lake, I forgot all the annoy and anxiety and can only remember the happy and nice memory. In your life, there should be at least one time that you forget yourself. Just ask for meeting yourself in your most beautiful years. I was so glad that I can find myself in the land of forever.

At last but not least , the food in one thousand island lake is so delicious. The big fish head and mountain bamboo shoots are the most unique and fresh food in China!

The land of forever, I will visit you in the near future!



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