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I Love Chengdu


I Love Chengdu

Chengdu is a historic city, Jinli Street is the most representative.
Jinli Old Street is one of the the Xishu history of the oldest and most prosperous street. As early as the Qin, Han, the Three Kingdoms period, it is known all over the country. This street, which is only 350 meters long, living in Chengdu stage to show their capabilities. You can taste the flavor of the old city, to see the ancient streets, the official residence, houses, inns, tea houses, bars, stage hands, you can get a real taste flavorof taste local snacks and specialties in Chengdu. Is expected to attract in Sichuan folk customs charm. The order has been placed on the green floor tiles and bluestone distorted, so that people feel, if the time to look back, who in the past. Tea, vegetables, wine, play, and with the local characteristics of the tapestry in front of you, quite a feast for the eyes.
Street to let me know a city.I love you Chengdu.



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