Inner Circle




A couple of months back, I visited Boracay with my friend June. Boracay is perhaps the most favored island in the Philippines. It got the whitest and finest sand and clearest water in this side of the planet. Boracay is a place to do nothing. You can spend hours Boracay Tourists on just sitting on the white sand, watching the tourists passing by, feeling the cool breeze of the air, and you can’t even notice that the hour hand fast ticks. By sunset, we set a relaxing dinner in front of our hotel near the beach. Boracay sunset is simply awesome. As I stood beneath the shade of a coconut tree soaking it all in, soothed by the whisper of rustling leaves, staring at nothing and everything at the same time I realized that it was the first time I forgot to breathe.There would be a next time.



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