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Winter Adventures in Mongolia


Winter Adventures in Mongolia

Chinggis Khaan's birthday marks the beginning of winter in Mongolia. This means winter wonderland adventures!

"Go! Go! Go!" booms through the frozen river as mushers encourage their small, but strong-bodied huskies to run faster. Metal scratching ice, sleds and their passengers and drivers race along the Tuul river, in Terelj National Park, just a few kilometres from Ulaanbaatar (UB) city, the capital of Mongolia. The best thing you can do is hold on tight or let go of the sleds.

You can also take your car for a spin on the frozen river. Drifting in winter! Or you can just dance on ice. After this, head off to Sky Resort, for some thrilling ski experience.

If you are in UB in February, you get to enjoy the Ulaanbaatar Winter Festival. There's archery, ankle-bone shooting competitions, dog-sledding, mulled wine and bbq.

On the other side of the city, some 100 kilometres southwest of UB, is Hustai National Park. Winter is the best time to visit the takhi or the last of Mongolia's wild horses. They are thriving well, thanks to a very successful conservation programme.

And then there's ice climbing. At the Ulaan Tsutgalan waterfall, when in freezes, in the Orkhon valley. You can also enjoy horse riding.

There's also horse or bactrian camel riding in the Gobi. The desert will be covered in snow.

Some brave souls will even jump off hills on their gliders. Exciting!

So, mulling over where to spend the winter holidays?

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