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Arrgggh..Burj @ Jumeriah Beach just takes my breath away...won't you come on in and feast on what the desert layers has to offer:
As an Asian looking Femme traveling into a dessert Isle, I was very hesitant and anxious in spite of "discouragement" from family members and from my very understanding and supportive husband, I thank you!

Nonetheless, this brave and adventurous soul left abound to venture into a bare dessert sand in layers of one, white, two brown, three dark red, four cinnamon, five grey, six cement grey, seven specs of white and dark grey sands which seemingly turned into dust as one enters this Universe and brave the Camel ride and dune bashing into the dessert starry nights as I gazed into the heavens above, just priceless!

There is more expats that I could ever imagined as I had to catch up with each friendly faces from other parts of the world that seemingly assimilate themselves into this new world and had settled into their new found homeland with a smile on their faces and spelled out : Welcome and won't you come on in...a world made out of oil in which it was once a bare dessert land and a camel that is all this place had.
If, ever I had dreamt of a mirage once youngens,,,,this is it!
If ever there is only one place in the world I would venture, this is it!
If ever there is a doubt in one's mind about a home, this is it!

UAE or, Emirates is very welcoming to start with the airline once priced at 777
From LAX to fly out directly!
And to be able to take in the city with a personalized metered running taxi to circle the Island and to breathe in the Jumeriah beach emerald green air just takes my breath away!

A water taxi choice or a helicopter ride to view the world still in process cannot be measured in monetary value-priceless!
Is this just a dream land in which the best of the best the 1 st world has to offer or, the only 7 Stars Hotel in existence? I have yet to ponder as I made myself at home traveling solo amongst the expats of the world and the freshest foods I have tasted from around the globe in the bare dessert island thus far..
I conceded to myself, is this trip just A" Mirage?"
I am forever indebted to my Lucky 7 STARS,
=)a La Femme'

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