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Used is the New New!


Used is the New New!

We’ve all heard of pre-owned cars, books and clothes, but what about handbags? A lot of people in Hong Kong love their designer handbags, but nowadays prices are skyrocketing every year. If you want the label and quality at an affordable price, the answer is simple- Fashionphile!
Fashionphile is a leading company and most trusted source in the secondary market for authentic luxury handbags and other accessories. This company offers pre-used items for sale, as well as selling opportunities for handbag owners. Fashionphile first started in 1999, by Sarah Davis. She started selling her luxury handbags through and later, her fascination and love for designer handbags led to the founding of Fashionphile. Nowadays, they sell globally through their online store, “Whether you're buying, selling, or consigning your pre-owned handbags and accessories, Fashionphile is committed to earning your trust. We do this by providing a totally safe and secure online shopping experience, maintaining a team of only the most experienced authenticators & certifying every single bag that we sell.”- Sarah Davis, CEO and founder of Fashionphile Nowadays, ever since the founding this company, the secondary market for luxury goods has expanded rapidly and global customers are able to purchase 100% authentic luxury handbags! Not only does this make luxury shopping so much easier because of the guaranteed authenticity, items are also discounted up to 80% of the original price, starting as low as HKD300!
Fashionphile is one the best luxury consignment stores out there that offers vintage, discounted and one-of-a-kind items. More importantly, they go above and beyond when it comes to serving customers.
Refunds, buybacks,"handbag borrowing", layaways, safe PayPal online payments, free and secure shipping and lifetime guaranteed authenticity are all available at Fashionphile! No matter what happens, you will always get your money back.
That's not all, though. Fashionphile also allows you to sell your used luxury handbags that other customers from around the world can buy. Simply make an online account, contact customer service and your handbag will instantly be on the market!
Fashionphile is the “win-win” solution for both buyers and sellers who are looking for a realistic shopping experience. So next time you want to treat yourself to a nice handbag, think again because Fashionphile just might be the perfect place for you.

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