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Unusual Wild Life Sydeny Zoo


Unusual Wild Life Sydeny Zoo

I am just 18 and I found wild life Sydney zoo so much fun and very informative. I would come again the next time.

This was a zoo as it is not as big or open as most others. Nevertheless it is amazing how much they put in such a small space.The crocodile was great but make sure to listen to the talk given.

By the animated zoo keeper!Walk through corridors with glass windows that look out into the exhibits,like the aquarium next door.This allows you to get quite close to the animals. As the windows are tinted in the animals favour your presence up close to them has no effect.

The area with the butterflies everywhere was especially magical and will never forget that moment when two landed on my head! Most of the indigenous wildlife is represented: the koala, nocturnal animal,the petting area, area.

Sydney tower,Madame Tussauds, and Sealife for enjoyment...You just must see it for yourself!

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