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Ulaanbaatar City Top Tips: Where to Find Clean Toilets (WCs)


Ulaanbaatar City Top Tips: Where to Find Clean Toilets (WCs)

A clean toilet, when you are in Ulaanbaatar city, is not hard to come by; you just have to know where they are.

First, you will probably see those small box-type buildings marked in big letters, CITY TOILETS, as you go around. Obvious, of course. Lady custodians look after those ones.

Second, go check out hotel restrooms. Clean and nice-smelling. Public is welcome to use them. I have never been turned away, although be nice and order drinks or snacks. Movie houses like Urgoo and Tengis are also a haven for those in dire need.

Next, mall toilets, also clean and well maintained. Toilets are found on each floor of the State Department Store, left corner from the ascending escalators. If you are in Maxmall, no worries, WCs are also available. These are on the right inner corners of the building. Then there’s the Central Tower by Chinggis Square, a toilet on each floor.

In Metromall, the toilets are on the ground floor near a salon/spa. All the Naran malls have their own, and if you are in Somang Plaza, 13th district, the toilet seats are heated, nice and toasty in winter! You get to press buttons for all sorts of conveniences, like washing water, air dryer, etc.

If you happen to be in the 3rd-4th district shopping area, then try to dash into a restaurant or café, order a drink, and ask to use their WC.

The challenge lies in the paper rolls. You may often find that when you reach for that much-needed paper, you discover that there is nothing, but a hole in the wall! You’re reaching into a void! The stuff of your nightmares! Horror of horrors!

Do not despair. Calm down. This is what you have to do. Notice the big roll of paper outside the cubicles, sometimes by the sink? Well, that is your supply. Unroll and cut off some length before entering the cubicles. Better still; buy your own wet wipes, or tissue packets, and fill your bag with these treasures, before touring the city.

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