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Trust the people


Trust the people

Only bad news are good news - but they can distroy the reality and the future of people and a lovely country!
Everybody saw on TV what happened in Cairo - demonstrations, bombs, fire....and you believe that day and night it is dangerous to stay there! After 20 years I came back to Egypt in july this year.
I walked through Cairo and visited also the Tahir-area, I saw the soldiers with their guns - but I felt save, the people smiled at me in the streets and said hello to me.
In Sharm-El-Sheik the daily live was totally normal - the people there were extremely friendly and gave me the feeling: "You are welcome!"
Everywhere in Egypt it was same: peaceful and a great chance to go to lovely beaches and visit the fantastic monuments of an important culture.
Notice the news, pay attention with your security where ever you go, but give the reality a chance to come back to a normal life!
Trust first the people and support them - not only the bad news!

To Shangrila: I like this idea!
I hope you can use the fotos.....

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