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The True Pearl of the Orient


The True Pearl of the Orient

Eleven weeks today, we return to the wonderful island of Penang which, for us, truly lives up to its name of the Pearl of the Orient. This will be our 5th holiday staying at the island's Shangri-La Rasa Sayang Resort & Spa.

Our friends & family always ask "why do you go back to the same place when there is so many other places in the world to see", for us there is a very simple explanation - the wonderful hospitality provided by the management & staff.

Running our own small luxury hotel in France we understand the important of hospitality - anticipating the needs of our guests and making each and everyone that passes through our doors feel valued; never forgetting that they could have chosen to go to one of a million places but they choose to stay with us.

Understanding the importance of genuinely warm, caring and passionate hospitality is what we always find at the Shangri-La in Penang and what draws us back time & time again. From the moment you walk through the doors you are greeted like a returning friend, the smallest details of your likes & dislikes remembered and you immediately feel like you have come home.

Whilst we may have created our own "shangri-la" here in France, we owe much of what true hospitality is about to the Mayalsian people we can now call friends in Penang who continue to provide us, and no doubt thousands of others, with the most memorable of holidays.

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