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The Spirit of Life


The Spirit of Life

The spirit of life is not about the money that you have in your pocket. Nor how nice the business suit and shoes you are wearing. It is not how much you can buy things and how good you look like. It is not also spending your nights drinking alone and splurging your money alone in buying things that will satisfy you. It is not even found in the finish line where you compete and sometimes look down on your former work partners. It can not be definitely found in your vices! Let me tell you my friend what the spirit of life is. The spirit of life resides in love and in the precious moments that you spend your time with your loved ones. I am not rich. I cant buy anything I want. But I definitely can spare my savings in spending special time with my special loved ones in special places called paradise. I am a frequent traveller and I have visited a lot of places already. I have seen the beauty of life and the beauty of the people but for me everything will be nothing if I'd just spent these moments alone. The spirit of life is and will always be in my relationships with my loved ones and in the times I spend with them. It is my love for them, my love for God, my love for my parents, my brother and sisters. We cant have anything, we cant have everything but we strive to be better persons and be happy wherever we are and can be. We spend our times being together in small paradises in simple places. For us, we need not go far. We just have to made do of what we have. And for that I am grateful that there are paradises or shangri-las made near our homes.
For us, our travels are the precious moments that we spent together in simple paradises made on earth. Whenever we travel, we let all our stresses away and just smell the good vibes aroma and the feel the good aura that lingers in every travel that we make; be it near or far. For us, travel is something ought to be shared..

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