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The Peaceful Langkawi


The Peaceful Langkawi

It was a dry season when I decided to visit Malaysia, January to be specific. As I always avoid high seasons for obvious reasons.

January is a cold season in the Arabian Peninsula, where I came from. Winter is dry and cold in the desert.

I tried so hard to find a company, then I decided to go alone. Solo traveler.
It doesn't seem as bad as you might think, it gives you more freedom, no one will lose you and you will not lose anyone, simply because you are all by yourself.

On the night of departure I packed my stuff and went outisde home. It was chilling cold and I was wearing extra sweater for that particular week was the coldest. I got into the car and went to the airport, my flight was 4 A.M. This hour and this weather, sure no one wants to get out of bed. The way to the airport was great in terms of traffic.

Once landed in Kuala Lumpur Intl. Airport, I had to take another plane going to the peaciful island of Langkawi, so I was in a bit of rush. And I made it to Langkawi on time.

At Langkawi
The whole island is small and can be circled by a car in few hours. Although it's small, it has various of natural attractions, you can find natural sand beaches, waterfalls and mountains.

Dry season is not as dry as it sounds, it just doesn't rain much in that rainforest part of the world. And it's cool or somewhat hot and humid. It's cool because the least of tourist are around. Dry-ness can be seen clearly in waterfalls where you'll be guided to the waterfall and you'll be asking "Where is the water?" Obviously it's a dry season and some waterfalls are not longer flowing, other ones are shallow.
All in all, Langkawi is always beautiful.

On the first day in Langkawi, I went to Bird Paradise and took many pictures of the birds here and there. I took some seeds and put them on my hand so love birds can eat, you can't imagine how cute they are and their colorful feathers, their hunger and innocence makes you want to stay there forever. They made my day.

The next morning, I took it to the next level, I did something I've never done in my life. Langkawi Canopy Adventures. You'll be taken by the group to the mountain where you will be having fun. Wearing the gears required for the journey, we started to walk in the forest and passed by various trees and sometimes animals and insects. Fortunately, we didn't encounter any dangerous situation.
There were me and one newly married couples. And it was me who will be the first one to try the Adventure Elements. The first one was the hardest. Cross the river walking on a wire. The thrill hit me the moment I saw the wire and rope. I am supposed to walk on the wire and hold to rope to help me on the way to the other end. The river was dry, no water, it was only big black rocks below. And I'm supposed to walk all the way (20 meters) to reach the end. I started walking very slowly on the wire. Sweating like hell, moving really slowly. Looking at the far end, I thought: There's no way back. So I moved with shaking feet and sweating forehead. I will never forget that moment. I finally reached the other end, and started to climb a tree and went for the zip line. As I said to myself: There's no way back. I jumped in the free air hanging on the zip line which leads to another tree.

After finishing the adventure I still had a time to spend, I took a tour around the island visiting museums and waterfalls. Cable Car was a nice ride, no I didn't have any sense of fear after walking on the wire. I went to the top of the mountain and had coffee at the top, mild chilling winds and coffee aroma with panoramic view of the whole island. Spectacular!

The next day I went to the mangrove, if you want to get a sense of Langkawi, you must come here. Took a boat ride around and around. Eagle feeding is never to be missed here. After that I went to the beach and had a very nice experience of parasailing. It was my first time to try it and I loved it and want to do it over and over again.

I will be back, Malaysia. Next time I will visit Sabah with my wife.

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