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The joy of the new


The joy of the new

There is all ways a sense of joy attached to going somewhere new.
With the world becoming smaller and travel more accessable it is sometimes too easy to become blase.
Many years ago a trip to Singapore or Hong Kong seemed an exotic right of passage for many Australians.
Gradually the delights of Bali and Thailand became second nature to us.
Over the last few years we have tested the waters with Cambodia and
Sri Lanka and as enjoyable as these have been there was always one
fabled destination that seemed off limits..Burma (or Myanmar).
That is why we were delighted to discover Myanmar opening up to tourists.
We were over joyed to discover that Shangri-la has a hotel in
Yangon (or Rangoon as it was known).
What a great base to discover wonders like the Shwedagon Pagoda.
Add in the delights of wonderful Burmese curries and we cant wait to discover Burma.
Who knows,we may even end up as the old song says "on the road to Mandalay".

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