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The gate to tomorrow


The gate to tomorrow

New Year's Eve three years ago, traveling on a highway, my wife and I were hit by heavy snow. For us to greet the New Year with my parents, we were heading to their home. Sky was sunny when we left home. But, sky clouded over suddenly, began to fall snow, and became the silver world of snow in an instant. Flow of traffic has stopped. Highway seemed closed to traffic because of the heavy snow. Long time we were trapped in the car, until the lull of snow. Meantime, my wife who does not like the cold, had been thinking of palm trees of the South Island.
I heard "Why?"
"I thought that when I was imagining the hot place, cold will be a little better" so saying, she laughed.

Six months later, we visited Penang, Malaysia for vacation.
My wife said "Because, there are the most wonderful palm trees in a pamphlet of travel agency that I looked"
In fact, vacations in Shangri-La at Batu Ferringhi in Penang was comfortable.
We were sitting in a chair under palm trees, I was sketching fine view, and my wife was reading books or writing letters. We jumped into the pool when felt the heat. We drank beer when felt thirsty. At times, I was kicking a beach ball on the lawn with the foreign children.
We enjoyed our holidays. Heavy snow of six months ago, it passed from our remembrance.

And evening of the third day, I met marvelous sunset. The bright ring came out from behind the palm trees. It looked as it’s connecting the other world. At that moment, I thought, sunset is the gate to tomorrow. I felt new days through the bright ring.
My wife said, "We might be coming to here for this sunset"
That sunset was beautiful so much, and mysterious. After all, the best memories during this trip was the sight shining light of sunset.

That night, I received the invitation of the Golden Circle. I saw two ring of lights in one day. This is also a curious coincidence.

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