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Taking A Peek At The Bund: Eastern Pudong


Taking A Peek At The Bund:  Eastern Pudong

Where may I go to " digress" during the "bitting" Winter for a solo transit?
Shanghai; of course, for every "girl's dream retreat" and to take in a "glimpse" of a colorful
and cool shopping spree at a "glitzy " Bund.
Wow! China is Huge! And this was ...My First Day: impression of this "massive" place with feelings of being "Shanghaied."
I am "jet lagged" as night falls and the shopping Malls felt like I'm in a European City that does not sleep with "ding...ding.." As the local calls this "tram" to warm up my "icicle fingers."

There is no skiing trip in Shanghai although it is "flurrying" during this wonderful time of the Season!

My 2nd Day at the Bund; I was taking a peek into its shopping paradise from a " Birds Eye View" of the Pearl Tower's Glass Floor looking at 360 degrees and looking down! Whoaa
It felt like a Disneyland's ride throughout the there are museums walks and towards the bottom floor, there's a shopper's paradise wrap around its Tower!

My 3 rd Day at the Bund; I was able to cross the Huangpu River via a small token ferry for a stroll to the "People's Walk" with wall to wall people in an "underground" tunnel Mall with the most people I've ever seen during my travels to Hong Kong, Indonesia, Korea and Japan combined!
Not to mention I had left my "premium tea box" behind as I "slurped" the freshly made noodles and rushing back down took half an hour later, and there it is...handed back to me perfectly packaged!
No worries, I had continued my shopping trip into the "Times Square Mall" for some tea tasting and of course, bought some more teas!
These are all glamorous "glimpse" at the Bund and of being "Shanghaied" for A 72 hours transit "Visa Free StopOver."

Upon my return to the Pudong Airport; I was informed of a City that existed on top of the Waters...
And, ...that'll be my next returning; " Shangri-La's Suite Dream Retreat, right?"

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