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Sweetest getaway to romantic paradise 1


Sweetest getaway to romantic paradise 1

My wife and I decided to enjoy our summer vacation at one of the most romantic places in the world. Like anyone else, it was hard for us to choose where to go. We like beautiful beach, but don’t like to waste too much time on sun bed. Both of us like something exciting. We browsed again and again, and finally decided to go to Boracay Island in Philippines.

Like every rose has its thorns, it was not easy to get there. We took air plane for 4 hours and taxi from Kalibo airport to caticlan port for 2 hours. We arrived at lounge of Shangri-la resort, but we heard that we should take yacht to the Boracay Island for 15 minutes. Unless we drank sweet iced tea in the lounge, because of long trip we would have got exhausted. But that tiredness was disappeared immediately when we took a yacht. We could see dazzling emerald colored sea and clear blue sky while we’re going to the Shangri-la resort.

As soon as we checked our room, we took a shuttle bus to D-Mall. While we’re heading for D-Mall, we could see the white beach and cherry & violet colored sunset. In Korea, the word ‘Bora’ means violet. I thought that’s the reason why Boracay Island is “Bora”.

After we made a reservation for Ariel island tour, we took sunset sailing boat. With person I really care for, perfect sunset I’ve never seen, and San Miguel in my hand, I thought “That’s the life is…Nothing could be better than this.”

We had dinner at D-talipapa. It is a fish market, where is beside D-mall, we can buy not only fishes but also sea foods like crabs or shrimps in there. When you’re going to buy some sea foods in there, don’t forget to try to bargain. Of course they won’t rip you off but they’ll give you discount or more. We ate alimango crab with chili sauce and shrimps with garlic butter. Both of them were very delicious.

Second day, we went to the Ariel island. It’s an island, 40 minutes far from Boracay, in there we could enjoy diving, snorkeling, kayaking and many other aqua activities. Moreover they offered limitless beer and food. I jumped into the water 5 meters height. It was only few seconds but it feels like I’m flying in the sky. While we snorkeled, we found lots of Nemo. A Ninyo (Philippines boy) gave my wife a blue starfish. She smiled at me and said “It just looks like I’m holding a blue star in my hand.”

Having hard day, we decided to have dinner at Sirena in Shangri-la resort. After we booked restaurant, called buggy so we could arrive there easily. Sirena is a seafood restaurant. We ordered lobster with wine. Actually we had difficulty in choosing wine, at that time a staff came to us and recommended a sweet rose wine. When my wife took a sip of wine, she can only say “It’s lovely.” It probably made that night more special.

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