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Standing Ovation


Standing Ovation

As I gazed at the tiny bubbles rising elegantly through the pale golden liquid to the top of my champagne flute, I replayed in my mind the delightful day that had culminated to this moment.

I awoke this morning, my head nestled deep in the large fluffy down-feather pillow. A slow smile crept across my face as I stretched, feeling the silky smooth linen against my skin and luxuriating in the comfort of the super king-sized bed. From my perch on the bed, I looked around the Rasa Wing Premier room we were in. The room’s 700 sq-feet is richly decorated with dark wood furniture; a beautifully crafted long writing table separates the bed from the living area, where an oversized couch offers a cozy seat from which to watch the 42” LCD TV mounted on the wall. But the piece de resistance of the room has to be the soaking tub situated on the balcony with a view of the resort garden and sea. Finally I rose, pulled on the plush terry-cotton robe and walked across the room, my feet making no sound on the thick velvety carpet, to the balcony door and slid it silently open. What greeted me outside was a feast for all the senses.

Looking out, beyond the lush green perfectly manicured lawn, beyond the swaying coconut palms and beyond still a wide stretch of creamy white sand beach is the Straits of Malacca, its surface sparkling like a thousand tiny mirrors reflecting the morning sun. I took a deep breath, the salty sea air mixed with the sweet heady smell of Frangipanis which are planted all around the property filled my lungs, triggering beautiful childhood memories of family beach vacations. I can hear the twittering of tropical birds greeting the glorious day with their songs, as a soft sea breeze caressed my face. This is paradise. This is the Rasa Sayang Resort and Spa on the island of Penang, the Pearl of the Orient.

As we headed across the gorgeously landscaped gardens of the resort to the Ferringhi Grill restaurant for breakfast, we were met with pleasant smiles and cheery greetings from the courteous staff along the way. Floor to ceiling glass windows on one entire side of the restaurant offer guests a view of almost the entire sprawling resort. Our table overlooked the Spa Village and from where we sat, the thatched roofs of the spa huts peeked up at us through the foliage of bamboo leaves which line the Spa Village.

There we picked from an array of tropical fruits, freshly baked pastries and a variety of cold cuts and cheeses. Our main course arrived, and the eggs Benedict was done to such perfection that I had no trouble finishing it while my husband enjoyed his Teriyaki Salmon order.

After breakfast we found a pair of lounge chairs by the pool, efficiently setup by the staff as soon as they saw us approaching, to spend the rest of the morning. The free form pool nestles amidst centuries-old trees with wide spreading branches that shade most of it, providing a nice swim for guests even in the mid-afternoon scorching sun. I gave up trying to concentrate on the book that I brought and instead let myself get lost taking in the idyllic setting that surrounded me with the sun gleaming off the azure blue tiles of the pool.

Evening found us taking a leisurely stroll through the resort grounds enjoying the serenity of the approaching dusk, ending up where we are now, sipping champagne on the terrace of the lobby lounge. As we gazed out to the sea, the sun began to set. We leaned back, marveling at the stunning display of colors streaking across the sky, at first a pale amber, then glowing more in intensity, becoming blood red and finally darkening to a velvety deep midnight blue. The last bow, curtains down…it was a perfect end to our unforgettable stay. To The Rasa Sayang Resort and Spa, Penang we give you a standing ovation!

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