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Simply Joyous Is...


Simply Joyous Is...

Penang – some call it Pearl of the Orient.
With tasty food and scenic views that seem too transient -
To me at least, who’s looking for my next Shangri-La adventure;
Amidst this meticulously designed tropical enclosure

Century old trees that guard the lovely pool;
Shading us kids to a natural cool.
Friendly staff that greet everyone with a smile;
Though that’s not exactly what I’m after for a while.

Finally I have indeed found another escapade,
That gives me the perfect opportunity for a big crusade;
Against the naughty floating balls in the Adventure Zone,
That keeps me so busy around this amazing cone.

Five, six, seven and eight;
Yellow, blue, green and red.
Look Daddy! I can count really well;
And can even cast a few colourful spell.

Simply Joyous Is what I always feel,
When I can find a wonderful place to release my zeal.
Shangri-La Penang is where you can have it all -
From relaxing Chi (though not quite suitable for me)
To fun-filled corners for us kids and to scrumptious buffet for all to feast.

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