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Simple Joy Is..


Simple Joy Is..

So curiously intrigued by this surrounding;
What more to ask for than giant frogs all so a'smiling?
But wait - there's more to it;
Look Mummy! Jets of water it boldly spits.

How would it feel if I were to rule?
Streaks of what looks like it is from the pool.
But the splatter somewhat gets out of control;
As it keeps attacking my determined face so.

Alas! I have discovered a way;
Just close my eyes and it shall be okay.
Feel it with my heart; live it with my soul.
Simple Joy is when you just let it go.

At Rasa Sentosa where this moment is forever captured;
Where I constantly feel welcomed and always so pampered.
Living it up here like a Prince;
In this tropical island with such lovely scene.

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