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Shangrila-li-la Bangkok: A Blast From The Past


Shangrila-li-la Bangkok: A Blast From The Past

Shangrila-li-la that would be the Native's word for Shangrila.
The Thai Natives had rather quickly adopted me as one of their own family as a solo female traveler "farang" or foreigner.

A "Gastropod" as in a gastronomical delights of a calming oasis in the middle of an exotic and exciting Capital City of Thailand overlooking the Chao Phraya River Front.
In the past, my husband and I have done the floating market, the elephant ride, the reclining Buddha, and the beautiful Temples.

In my very own personal Shangrila, I had determined to eat my way through the "exotic" Book of Tropical Fruits: baby bananas; custard apple; dragon fruits; durian; guavas; jackfruit; langsat; Longan; mango; mangosteen.

I have decided to feast my weary eyes into the busy Chao Praya Riverfront Bay window to view the sparkling offerings of "gastronomical" cruise ships echoing a finely tuned Shangrila-li-la
which is in great contrast to the busy morning hours of tugboats maneuvering its way through the riverfront clearing its way of the hyacinth plants calmly floating down on its way to its "employed" destination.
Feeding frenzy at breakfast time at the Shang means to include feeding the three kinds of Huge Catfish: Walking Catfish; Stripped Catfish; and Cichlid trampling over each other happily for foods.
Additionally, the fresh "river prawns" are equally as huge and may be had at Asiatique Riverfront dining as the land of "smiles" seemingly continue to "sparkle" amongst the night market, shopping, Calypso Showcasing, and a casual stroll into the night by the riverside.
Transportation to the Asiatique is regularly provided by the Shangrila hotel or may be reached by taxi or tuk tuk or MRT just as easily as well as the river ferries.

Shangrila-li-la will always held a soulful song in my heart as I am happily a caged "bird" in paradise whistling, in sync and devouring my "Golden Cage Three Tier Tea Time" and easing my way into my "mock tail bird of paradise" colorful drink...

The daily cycle repeats itself with some 24/7 river prawn Padthai and the elusive moon cake festivals snack time.

Can you just hear me fine tuning those melody while I whistle in sync with my sparkling "smile" amongst the natives?

And let's not forget to #go green and recycle those purse string moon cake box and have a "Rockabye Teddy" snack attack at the Shangrila-li-la Bangkok while sipping on a colorful mock tail bird of paradise,


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