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Shangri-la Tanjung Aru Resort Staff Party for 2012


Shangri-la Tanjung Aru Resort  Staff Party for 2012

I was invited to join the Annual Staff Party on the 9th October, 2012 held in the Grand Ballroom of the Resort.

It was a night of food, refreshment and cabaret at its best all performed by the staff from the functional areas of the Resort. Started with a short speech by the General Manager Andrew Steele where he thanked all staff of their wonderful contribution over the past year, welcomed his successor Craig Powell and opened the evening’s proceedings.

This ‘Opera’ was performed by the ‘Executive Committee’ - an attempt by the GM to marry two willing (?) parties - Tommy (DS&R) and Nora (DOR). Alas the bride’s ‘father’ proved to be an imposter and arguing with the bride’s real father wielding a shotgun not to his liking. Then the bride changed her mind about marriage after arguing with her father. The GM said he was here to marry Tommy and asked if anyone was prepared to marry Tommy as this would be his final outgoing duty. A volunteer eventually emerged and the GM attempted to continue the ceremony, this was ok until another ‘lady’ stepped up and announced that she was already married to the groom. Result: chaos and much applause especially when their identities were revealed. Tommy was devastated to lose three brides in five minutes!

A Bridal Dress Competition was then held to select the best dressed ‘bride’ and ‘bridegroom’ from the many applicants. Much creative effort was shown by the shy and retiring ‘models’ making the judges job difficult. Won by Bride Rujilin (GRO) and Groom Hamizi (Room Service).

Bridal Party
This was a series of stunning performances by the individual groups and all wearing lavish costumes, some serious moments but mostly hilarious and all with unique variations on the ‘Party’ theme. The applause was ‘roof raising’. The judging was impartial and without any obvious corruption, political scandals or ‘kickbacks’. The winners - Food & Beverage Service.

New Executive Chef
A special welcome was made to Chef Patterson. He was blindfolded and subjected to a psychological assessment test - nerve wracking for him and hilarious for the audience. He came through physically ‘unscathed’.

Lucky Draw
Twenty Grand Prizes were won with winners selected by the GM from a box containing the identities of all staff. 300 additional prizes were won by staff on registration for the evening.

Everyone then joined to sing ‘Hurry, Hurry, Home’ as a tribute to outgoing GM Andrew Steele. The staff then went on stage to personally give him their best wishes.

And then the party continued ……

It was a brilliant and highly entertaining night for all with many wearing dazzling costumes, some taking hours to assemble. It was also a tribute to the hard work that the performers and assistants put into their acts in spite of various shift rosters.

It was a privilege to have been invited to share in the Annual Staff Party and to be able to catch up with many friends.

Yours sincerely,

Bill Mitchell
Golden Circle No. : 503 032375 531

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