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Shangri-la Pre-Valentine Eats, Praise God for the luxury day.


Shangri-la Pre-Valentine Eats, Praise God for the luxury day.

Dear Shangri-la, I would like to thank you for the good service that was given to me by your staff at Paparazzi yesterday lunch when I ate my Pre-Valentine meals. I was very much welcomed by ms Angel, Norwin & others. I appreciate the good food such as the Wagyu Beef with Potato Mash & Cheese with my Foccacia Breads. I will definitely buy more from your menu list that is within my prepared cost, I would like to be educated with the different cookery of your Italian Restaurant. I have plans of visiting Makati Shang next month & Edsa Shang' s Lobby Lounge towards the end of March. See you soon Shang & God bless!! Thanks also to ms Beth, Nina, & Geline of Shang' s Bakeshop/ Lobby Shop. The other people from your Hotel were really kind & smiling| it is admirable. I get much learning from your food & environment, this is why I choose to visit your establishment. Happy weekend :) Special thank yous to ESL Vehicle Service {Toyota Vios} & its driver mr Dayta, I had a nice ride towards the hotel yesterday using your transportation| will ride them again whenever I get to have SGDs from my sister. Good place to get a taxi cab when at Shang' s area is Shangri-la Plaza Mall, where I got my Basic Taxi yesterday towards home| thank God for the taxi stop & the safe travel. I pray to God for more money so I can continue my patronage of Shangri-la Hotels. Thank you God for the SGDs, it did make my transportation be at its best comfort.

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