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Shangri-la Hotel| TripAdvisor Website' s Traveler' s Choice Award Winner. Thank you God for Shang.


Shangri-la Hotel| TripAdvisor Website' s Traveler' s Choice Award Winner. Thank you God for Shang.

Dear Shangri-la, I am a member of TripAdvisor.Com.Ph and I became one when I was introduced to Shangri-la' s Website. I got an email from them that Edsa Shangri-la Hotel in Manila received a Traveler' s Choice Award & I was notified because I get to post decent reviews for their place. I am blessed much with God because I have the opportunities to eat at your restaurants such as Paparazzi of Edsa Shangri-la Hotel & Sage Bespoke Grill at Makati Shangri-la Hotel, I praise Him for the funds & I thank Shangri-la for the good service and good food which I get from your establishment. God is good to me for I am getting lunch fund to have luxury eats at your restaurants once a month, in years of January 2015-December 2017-bill pays from my boyfriend who I am marrying soon. I get to post good reviews at TripAdvisor.Com.Ph every time I dine in at your place because I receive good food and good service from your staff & Chef-a happy lunch luxury days. Because of my posts/ reviews about Shangri-la Hotels, I get a Hotel Specialist Badge at TripAdvisor.Com.Ph| I thank Shangri-la for the good days at the Hotels & I praise God for these. Shangri-la, please have my commitment word that I will be a good patron of your Hotels as long as I can. I pray to God for funding so I can continue to enjoy wonderful days at the Shang. If I will be blessed to have SGDs from my sister, I will also visit Shangri-la Hotel, the Fort in Taguig on coming days/ months. Thank you to the General Manager of Edsa Shangri-la Hotel for giving me a reply post at the TripAdvisor.Com.Ph, I appreciate it very much. Thank you GC Family because I get to redeem points through bills pay. God bless Shangri-la!!

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