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shanghaied in shanghai


shanghaied in shanghai

For some year's now I have had a desire to visit Hainan island.
This story comes about because of that desire.
Some of the best memories of travel come about because of something we are compelled to do which is out of our control.
There are no direct flights to Hainan island from Australia so we had to look for somewhere exciting to stopover for a few days on the way.
That place was Shanghai.
What a city ,so full of life and energy.
This city literally pulses with energy and excitement and don't get me started on how great the food is.
I could indulge in the famous soup dumplings or hairy crab over and over again.
The multicultural nature of Shanghai is deliciously evident in the Portuguese egg tarts at Lillian cake shop.
With such a busy environment it is surprising to discover that Shanghai is a great place for walking whether it is people watching in Fuxing Park or past the French colonial mansions nearby.
I almost forgot no visit would be complete without having a look at the antique shops in Dongtoi road or a stroll along the Bund.
For something that wasn't meant to be I am glad to be "Shanghaid" by the charms of Shanghai

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