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Samarinda: A Diamond in the Rough!


Samarinda: A Diamond in the Rough!

Ever since I was passion was the four C's; Carat, Color, Cut, Clarity of my Diamond from Samarinda: Borneo, Kalimantan: Malaysia, Indonesia.
If, this was not confusing enough as to which border of the Country this location is in...there is the famous Antwerp for the Four C's fore-mentioned...

We, landed on this beautiful Island where every home stood on stilled above water or, are these "septic water" in which native's homes are all with a built in swimming pool to the surrounding area, just awesome!

Weather wise, it was hot and hot! Foods was choices laid out freshly caught and only to eat what you want thus to pay what you eat and it was the best meal I had that was not spicy hot, ha!
Traveling was a chore on a no air con jeep with a bible on hand and a pistol on top of the glove compartment; if, only for the air force escort towards this famous Island of Diamond in the rough..

Story has it, my grandmother made frequent trips to this island on business accessible via one airport in Samarinda via a small propelled plane ride not unlike "Indiana Jones,"
I am adventurous and open to view this remote island and very excited to see how " diamond in the rough" are cut, polished and set into my delicate fingers for others to seek as it shines brightly piercing through the heart!

Ironically, the diamond are still mined deep underground with a small steep ladder going downward into the deep and buried into uncharted territories...

There are no stores to the surrounding area of the "Diamond Mine "as a few "free lancer" offer to show cased us their treasures and laid down their "sparkle."

On the ground ....which seemingly outshines the bright sun above us (picture perfect);
I, ...cannot wait to show off my newly polished "Work of Art " from a Diamond on the Rough!
This was....Undoubtedly, a trip of a lifetime and a memory which outshines my "calming Shangri-La!"

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