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Safe Haven

The minute our flight from Copenhagen touched down in Singapore on the 17th July 2014 our phones went mad with texts and calls from relatives and friends wanting to know 'where are you???' - we had no idea what was happening and bit by bit we learned that we were minutes away from being blown out of the sky by terrorists. It wasn't until we were in our hotel room at the Shangri-la Singapore and turned on the television that we understood the horror of what had just occurred. It turned out we were one of the two planes directly on the same flight path of the MH17 flight that was blown out of the sky over the Ukraine - our flight only 2.17 minutes behind - if another missile had been launched as was on the agenda it could've been us. I cannot stress enough how being in the Shangri-la hotel was a huge relief - the comfort and service provided by all the staff the whole 3 days we were there was exemplary. We were in the Valley Wing and nothing was too much trouble from the hot tea in our room on arrival to the staff in every area remembering what we had ordered from previous times - it was amazing. Of course our main topic of conversation with the 2 other people we were travelling with was how we nearly died! We decided to only think about the good times that Shangri-la were providing and by the time we had to board our flight home to Australia we had settled enough to get on a plane again - of course we think about the tragedy for the families all the time and say how lucky we were to have the 'safe haven' of Shangri-la. And of course now - every opportunity we have to get back to our newly found 'safe haven' we love to take it.

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