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Rekindled Romance at West Lake


Rekindled Romance at West Lake

We arrived at the Hangzhou train station in the early afternoon and were met by our local guide who took us to our Shangri-La hotel. Located on Hangzhou’s West Lake, the hotel was the ideal spot to explore the lake and its splendid surroundings. And, the perfect scenario to rekindle romance.

Upon arriving at our hotel we went up to our lake view suite to rest before venturing out to explore the lush environment. The view from the window was breathtaking and, as a consequence, we took much longer than we had expected to abandon our sanctuary. Although we had never been to Hangzhou, by just gazing across the majestic gardens at the lake from our abode, we had the feeling of being right at home on our own palace estate.

After our quiet time in our newly found home we wandered down to the lake side—not even a five minute walk. It began to drizzle which added even more splendor to our romantic stroll along West Lake. Soon we were at the boat dock and decided to take a cozy boat ride across the lake. The ride was pleasant and gave us time to sit close together like two newlyweds as we marvelled at the rain drops softly bouncing off the lake’s surface.

Upon landing on the other side of the lake we continued our walk under the light rainfall. A huge umbrella served as our shelter as we strolled arm in arm along the footpath surrounded by its lush greenery. We’d been together for nearly 20 years and had taken many walks together, but this walk around the garden area on West Lake was one of the most romantic we’d ever experienced. Our vows of commitment were renewed and the excitement of young lovers seemed to magically take hold of us.

Although we were thoroughly enjoying our romantic walk in the rain around West Lake, we could hardly wait to get back to our luxurious home at the Shangri-La to continue with our romantic mood in dryer conditions. So, we made our way back to the boat dock and returned to our haven on the other side of the lake.

We felt very lucky to have been together for so many years and to still have those special moments that sparked with romance and rekindled our love for one another.

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