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Rediscover life , Rediscover joy


Rediscover life , Rediscover joy

As journeys have secret destinations of which the traveller is unaware - Martin Buber.
I have been in sales for 30 years and travel has been part of my life .In all these years of visiting beautiful scenic places my wife could not join due to her responsibility as a mother. Now our daughters are miles away from us and the two of us are realizing what it is to be in each others company once again.At first I took my wife along on my tours just so that she did not fall pray to the "empty nest syndrome " ; but our trip to Barr Al Jissah resort was completely life changing . I saw a side of Sadhana (my wife) that I had seen 26 years ago when I first fell in love with her. One wedding and two kids later, Sadhana had become a really cautious person . A stark opposite to the outgoing & daredevil girl who used to play hide and seek while I was inside with her parents asking her hand in marriage !
Barr Al Jissah resort had a beautiful and perfect setting with the date palms, the sound of the waves and the lazy river right past our room . My wife would say " the only sound I can hear are the waves; and that's soothing " . She would see the happy people flow past our room on the lazy river and wonder would be so thrilling . My daughters coaxed her to try out but for a person who left adventure behind 27 years ago it was difficult .
On the day of departure she finally with all her courage and will sailed on the float asking me to promise her that I would run to rescue her if something went wrong .
For many people a lazy river would be a silly little ride that had no thrills... But for me it gave me back my Sadhana 26 years younger .
That day I decided " Barr Al Jissah Resort" would be our destination for our 27th anniversary !!!!
Thank you .

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