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Re: Lincoln Whole Foods Test Drive Tour Follow-up Survey - Reminder!


Re: Lincoln Whole Foods Test Drive Tour Follow-up Survey - Reminder!

The experience is one I will never forget. I had been offered the chance to form a lasting impression of the Ford Motor Co. and the Lincoln Brand in particular, especially the MKX and MKZ models.

I test drove the hybrid engine in comparison to the conventional V8 at the Whole Foods Market in La Jolla, and I was soon thereafter provided with a rental car (2009 Ford Mustang) complete with the car fax statistics and rental key for commercial use. It was about 10 days later that I was implicated in an investigation that recorded the cars original owner as a man known to be a police informant who had purposefully installed a GPS device at the instruction of law enforcement to track the location of that car. The car was subsequently reported stolen and a punitive sentence of twice the statutory maximum was applied to the conviction. There was insufficient legal counsel at trial and it is beyond comprehension to suspect anything other that foul play on the part of the manufacturer. I don't believe the special KEY was made for any other purpose than classic entrapment, and the cars are not only unsafe, but should be considered illegal in design.

The pathetic attempt to revamp the Lincoln name with the starry art literature and nominal value bonus gifts are insulting and should be the stigma attributed to the company that had long been supported by many Americans as a classic.

I have owned two (2) Ford Mustangs, and personally put over 200,000 miles on my Ford Escort in the 1990's, and I will not only refuse at every opportunity to buy or test-drive a Ford or related make, but I resent the offer and will prefer to never ride as a passenger in one again. I have only this last compliment to make peace with myself as it concerns my decisions in the past and that is I have now the opportunity to develop better relationships with Toyota, Nissan, Ferrarri, Chevrolet, Lexus, Infinity, Dodge, Mercury, Buick and Pontiac until I settle on the type I will own as my next purchase.

Many wishes,

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On Tuesday, November 1, 2011 10:57 AM, Charles Kerrington wrote:

Dear Jamie,

We recently sent you an invitation to participate in an online survey about your experience at the Lincoln Whole Foods Test Drive Tour. If you have already completed the survey, we thank you.

If you have not yet completed the survey, would you please do so today? Your participation is important. To complete the survey and provide your opinions please click on this link:

The survey should only take a few minutes of your time. Thank you in advance for your help with this very important study.

Best Regards,

Charles Kerrington

Director of Interactive Research

RDA Group

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