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Rainbow "Odaiba" Island Of Dreams



When I first traveled on my own, I thought of a very small Island looking of Tokyo, Japan where it is very safe for a very young Woman to travel solo on a very easy public "subway" transportation to maneuver in a colorful red, green and yellow directions in the ever changing Capital City.
How wrong can one be of this "massive" city back then x28 years exactly to the day I met my Husband!
Faster than the regular Shinkansen are the Nozomi and Mizuho beyond the Rail Pass coverage with a plethora of foodies in which the pride of the Japanese people move into Tokyo from Kyoto when the Emperor himself now residing in Tokyo!

The "massive" Tokyo Subway Transit appears to be a never ending rainbow of colors that completes in a circle as my own travels takes me back to the Island of Odaiba, Tokyo.

Wow, such a beautiful sight with rainbows of cruise ships lovingly cradled the night away overlooking the Rainbow Bridge whereby the Statue of Liberty raises her right arm with fireworks to boot!
The fresh tasting sushi, the delicious tasting bento box and a plethora of eateries that does not sleep makes my taste buds dance the night away as I lay to rest in my own private and a perfect circle of Shangri-La Dream retreat,
Gun-dam Cheers!

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