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Pray for Japan!


Pray for Japan!

This year, I went to Singapore with my husband and son.
Singapore was our first trip.
What is the 'Identity of Singapore'?
I think...Identity of Singapore is...
Like Malaysia, like China, like the Arab States, like India... multinational and diversity!
What a fun! The people across the city were various country, and the Hawker food centre sold a variety of inexpensive food.
Everyone was so kind, especially for my son, they talk to and play with him.
Definitely one of the most powerful country!
This country is great not only people and food but also place!
My favorite place of Singapore is the Sentosa Island.
Sentosa Island has been a fun park for families.
At first, we went to Universal Studios Singapore(USS).
The sights are wonderful and what impressed us most was Transformer. Because it was the 5-min wait in the queue,
In Universal Studios Japan and Hollywood, all attractions has long queue.
Even the 100-min wait. USS is smaller than both studios, but not crowded!
I thought USS is a must visit for kids.
Then, in the evening, we went outside and went to sea shore.
The sunset was so beautiful !
We got in the sea.
My son was excited on his first experience!
The sea shore was full of various tourists.
So I wrote a sandy beach 'pray for Japan'.
The day we went to Singapore was close to 3.11.
3.11 is the day big earth quake happened.
Though 3 years passed, many Japanese can't go home and they live in temporary house.
I want you don't forget that many lives were lost in the earth quake.
Many people took a picture of 'pray for Japan' , I was very happy (But I forgot to take the picture, hahaha).
I thought we humans are linked together by kindness of heart.

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