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penang or phuket?


penang or phuket?

What a dilema to have?
Where should we go for next years holidays.
Penang or Phuket?
We like flying through Kuala Lumpur as this affords us an opportunity to eat the amazing Malaysian treats served in the horizon club in K.L.
during afternoon tea along with the other yummy cakes and such.
(but I digress Homer Simpson style...." lounge snacks").
Back to my original quandry. Penang or Phuket?
Both are easy to get to flying through K.l.
Both have delicious food with phuket serving delicious Thai food and Penang laying claim to some of the best food in Malaysia.
Both have beautiful beaches.
Both have interesting cultural day trips to engage the senses and both have lush forests.
Only one,however has a Shangri la Hotel,or should I say 2 Shangri la hotels.Penang.
The thought of slurping a Laksa, or popping down a Popia or even enjoying the sweet multi coloured delight that is an Eis kachang becomes even more delightfull knowing we can enjoy the luxury of Shangri la.
Throw in a great kids club for our daughter and we are done Penang it is

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