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Papparazi Luxury Eats: A God' s Blessing.


Papparazi Luxury Eats: A God' s Blessing.

I would like to share my day with Shangri-la because earlier, I had a great lunch at Edsa Shangri-la Hotel' s Papparazzi Restaurant. I thank God because he did bless me with a good day in my luxury eat. I am impressed with the improvements of Edsa Shangri-la' s Papparazzi Business Set Lunch 2014. There were more vegetables in my tuna carpaccio salad, better presentation plus new ingredients on my salmon fish plate & additional stylish chocolate topping on my cheesecake| thank you, I loved them. My favorite was their home bread, I got to finish all of the first serving plate of the bakery product| soft & tasty. It was nice that I got a tea pot of Green hot drink, so cool!! I was served well, all employees of the restaurant & the hotel were proper & polite. I loved the renovations made at the Hotel reception area, especially the Golden Circle corner. I bought Bakeshop products at the lobby, which my mom prefers me to bring home whenever I get to go to ESL| I am sure that my brother loves the donut :D Thank you Shangri-la Hotel for the good food & good service. Praise God for the great day & the money spent :D See you Shang soon!!

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