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Our House: in the middle of the Cape


Our House: in the middle of the Cape

When my little Sister had asked me to meet her somewhere in Phuket, Thailand I decided to consult with a Native, he was a former Thai silk Airline Pilot turned Restaurant owner,Thai Classic.
My sister, whom I had not seen in decades requested to meet in Patong area since she remains Single, and does not travel further than it is allowed without a visa only as far as in the "SouthEast Asia."

I, agreed but felt we will need to meet at "The Princess House" and at the Cape: Cape Panwa.
This proves to be a "heartfelt reunion" for us as we both felt pampered just like a "real princesses" in our house: "..dining and eating our way to the tropical destination with such a gracious and welcoming staff that we felt we never left home!"
True to heart, the Princess regularly resides at this House once a year in September to Remember and What a House!

This quiet part of town is accessible via taxi about one hour away from the airport and yet accessible to the hustle and bustle of the nearby Patong or, Phuket Town where the shopping and the crowd are most alive yet... felt scary to my "little sister."

We, discovered that the resort has its own version of not one but two "live bands."
Also, there are free shuttles to Thai town or, to its sister property down the road accessible on foot or by a free shuttle. On the way down, there are tons of restaurants and massages along both sides of the road..

There is also a tram to dine at the Panwa House for locals or, hotel residence.
We, felt like being in Disneyland if it was not for the mozzies buzzing around as we ate outdoors, beach side!
There is a jetty with swings sets to ponder the ocean side and this extends to the walkways to the sea side where we both watched a lively ocean complete with turtle, lobster and fish...afterwards, I collected sea shells and a hermit crab caught my eyes as it crawled out of its shells...

Our corner suite room is very private and had an unobstructed view of the sun rise and of the sun set: ...just gorgeous, complete with kitchen and a guest restroom; a living room and an outdoor jacuzzi on the balcony which eased my aches and pain during my long journey flight!

So much time lapsed such that we, had to catch up on our "starry and chatty nights" until we,
both fell asleep afterwards as we, let out the bugs flown in from our open window as we, intuitively listening and focusing on the ocean lap's lullabies which almost escapes us...

There are options for the elderly and family to stay at Kantabury Bay, a sister property with kiddie pool and outdoor playpen as well as front foodies food stalls along the ocean border with delicious snacks to be had as we both chowed down while we shop until we drop!

Just on time once again to wake up to the gorgeous sunrise looking into the emerald green ocean covered by a school full of fish and then the sunset overlooking the ocean and fishing sails are just flawless.

I am in good company and felt such warmth and so much at home with the Thais, ...
famous for their hospitality that we vowed to meet yearly..Bon Voyage to our newfound home:
In the middle of the Cape: Cape Panwa House!

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