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One Step Closer to Home


One Step Closer to Home

I grew up in the heart of Shanghai- a bustling city full of rich history and Chinese culture. It is a place where East meets West, where the past meets the future. There is no place like Shanghai. And even after 10 years of living in California, I still see Shanghai as my home and my childhood.
Yet, little did I know that on January 2nd, 2015, my family surprised me with a plane ticket and a booked hotel room for my New Year's getaway to Shanghai! I was ecstatic- the mere thought of going back to my real home brought me to tears.
As the plane hovered above my beautiful city, I looked out the window. Shanghai had changed so much. Small brick houses had been replaced by fields and fields of modern skyscrapers. The Huangpu River lay peacefully in the midst of the city. This, was a completely new experience for me.
My hotel room at the Jing An Shangri-La Hotel was like a magical fantasy. Literally. My view was almost like a movie, with all its "actors" dressed up in costumes and makeup. The service there was impeccable- all the time staff members ensured that my stay was pleasant and five-star quality. (And yes, my stay was for sure, five-star quality!)
However, the real journey started when I visited my relatives in Shanghai. Walking through the small streets brought back so many memories of me as a child. As I walked further down that street, the older I became. It was a film playing in my mind. Underneath all the glass skyscrapers, lay 10 years of uncovered memories, relatives and family. But, most importantly, underneath all the glass skyscrapers lay my heart. My home. My Shanghai.

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