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No trip no life!


No trip no life!

Taipei is a good place to travel with family. The attractions, even historic ones, are very engaging and there are lots of good restaurants and markets.

When visiting Taipei, you should get an EasyCard. EasyCards make it easier and cheaper to use the metro and bus.

This summer, I went to Taiwan with my family.
Early in the morning, we arrived at Taoyuan airport.
When arriving at the airport, I always remark the smell of its airport.
Because the scents emitted from the globe come from key ingredients associated with the designated country.

What's that smell?
Taiwan was something fermented! It was a unique smell.

We bought the Bubble tea at the stall and went toward the Taipei.
Bubble tea is a Taiwanese tea-based drink that is really fashionable in Taiwan.
The menu is in English, Japanese, and Chinese, so it's pretty tourist friendly. Bubble milk tea was excellent. The bubble was fluffy and very chewy.

Before 10am, we arrived at the hotel.
The reception was good and they speak English. Check-in isn't until 3pm but they let us store our baggage for free.
I walked by a hotel and found the Taiwanese style massage shop.
The Taiwanese style of massage is different from the Chinese style; but equally effective.
It was a no frills place but was pretty clean. What was attractive was its pricing, it's much cheaper than the other massage shops I passed by; so I made a booking and came back later. I was pleasantly surprised by the professionalism of masseur. Although he knew I was just not a local and had no possibility of becoming a regular, he still took his task seriously, kudos to him. And his skills are pretty good too!

In the evening, we went to Jiufen by bus.
It is an old street with quite a unique taste. The street is old fashioned in a chinese way. The shops mainly sell souvenirs, food and tea. The environment itself is worth a visit if you have time.
When we back to the hotel, a trouble happened. We were looking for a bus bound for Taipei, but there was no bus stop around here.
At last we discovered it walking so much. But there was a long queue!
We were very tired, especially my son already reached his limits. So we decided to take a taxi to the closest station. But taxi was a little expensive, I talked to foreigners, 'Why don't we share a taxi together?'
They readily complied with my request, we took a taxi to the station.
People should help one another!

Next day, we went to Tainan by Taiwan High Speed Rail.
It was very comfortable train.

We stayed Shangri La's Far Eastern Plaza Hotel Tainan. We surprised the hotel was so luxury and hotel staff are amazing and provide excellent service with warm smile! If I visit Tainan in future, I will stay in this hotel again. I can't imagine staying anywhere else in Tainan!
At night, we went to the night market.
This night market, which opens only on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, depending on the weather, it tends to get very crowded after 7pm. There are lots of parking spaces for motorcycles and cars and also accessible by bus. It gets crazy-crowded sometimes, even on the hottest and most humid nights.

There were steam and smoke coming from different food stalls. We wanted to try all of them but the crowd was just too much.
At the Hot Pot stall, we ordered a Pork Intestine Stinky Hot Pot.
Ummm....What is that smell??
The smell we felt at the airport was stinky tofu!
Stinky Tofu is one of Hong Kong, Taiwan and China’s favourite snack foods and its smell wafts along their backstreets. For first time visitors the smell can be overpowering.
Hot pot was such as ‘dirty socks’, but delicious!!
The night market was a good experience for us!
Next day, we walked around the Tainan Park (Zhongshan Park). This is like a park for exercise. Many old people are doing some exercise.

In the middle of the large park, there was a man.
He was Naked....
He was talking something to my son.
What for?
We escaped from him.
We returned to the hotel and refreshed.
After check out, we toward Taoyuan Airport.

All in all, it was a very satisfactory trip.
Taiwan is definitely a place to come back to!

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