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Never Too Old To Travel!


Never Too Old To Travel!

Been there done that.
At age 66, I think I could already say that. A fulfilled father, a doting grandpa but nonetheless, I would say the nest has been empty ever since my wife passed away after being sick for sometime.

Travelling was something me and my wife loved to do together. Yes even senior citizens love to do that although my wife, just like most women, loved more the shopping that went with travelling.

My wife may not have lived long enough to see the world with our grandchild but truly, life goes on. Life indeed has a way of putting balance to it. We learn lessons and we try to live by them. At my age, I have found renewed commitment to live healthier so that I can live long enough to explore the world with my children and grandchildren.

Cheers to healthy living that a grandpa like me can carry my granddaughter on a rickshaw in our recent trip to Macau!

Cheers to senior citizens like me who are still able to travel on two feet, and cheers to those who still choose to travel even on a wheelchair!

Cheers to everyone who finds renewed youth by traveling!

And thank you Shangri la for being a home away from home. Believe it or not, after a day of coping up with the energy of the younger ones, seniors like me would need a good fluffy pillow to rest on, just to be ready for the next day's adventure again. :-)

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