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Never a stranger


Never a stranger

It has not been long since I have returned home but even though I do go back often, it no longer feels like home. Sometimes I feel as though it's a favorite destination, a great place to visit, as if that's the reason for the familiarity and nostalgia.

The best time to visit, I always tell my friends, is summer. Summer time in Canada is a magical time. You don't waste a minute of the nice weather. Everyone takes advantage of it and gets outside. Camping, biking, swimming, boating, canoeing, eating, barbecuing, hiking, even dancing. If offered a choice, we are going outside.

Being away from home so much has changed my perspective. I love to be a tourist in Toronto. What was once commonplace is special. Landmarks that I have walked by are old friends. The museums, the festivals, the parks, the markets. I may be my hometown's biggest fan. There is so much to do and wherever I go, I feel like I am being welcomed as though I was genuinely missed by everyone, even strangers I have never met before.

That is why I sit here, on this cold February day, dreaming of Toronto. Hoping for the warm thoughts to reach all the way down to warm up my cold toes.

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