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Mystical "Mementos" of my travels to the islands of Shangri-La



Upside down, inside out is how one can feel jet setting around the globe and that feeling of being " jet lagged" can be tiresome until these mementos makes me "smile" and suddenly all the tiredness seems to fade as "happy time" creates a peaceful Shangri-La.

I, felt well rested on the sweetest of memories with the afterthoughts of my "next trip" and the journey in which life can take me as the world is not enough to be explored in one lifetime.

These mementos are not collectables but rather a "thank you" notes given or will be given to others as a sign of appreciation or a warm gesture of welcoming and a newfound everlasting friendship in life's journey and adventure.

Ever since I was young and traveling with my parents: I can recall a small wing given to me by a stewardess on a Lufthansa flight and I felt as if I could fly....
As ...I grew up longing to repeat my sense of curiosity of the world around me.....

I love to meet new friends which is like "gold" and to catch up with "silver "friends and family and to experience different cultures, foods and services offered by a very different airlines such as Northwest,Emirates, Astana, Cathay, and lastly the effervesce 777 Hello Kitty Jetty .
The Japanese culture seems to thank me with pikachu and the Taiwanese with hello kitty and surely, one can feel that warm and fuzzy feelings of being a kid at heart once again, ha!

I, thank you for giving me many fond memories like a permanent tattoo etchings from people I have met jet setting the globe in my journey through my lifetime which I shall forever cherished in my heart and warmly tucked away in my peaceful Shangri-La,

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