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My unforgettable birthday celebration


My unforgettable birthday celebration

We decided to have a staycation in Singapore to celebrate my birthday for a change and I looked up my points, thinking that I probably don’t have sufficient and just trying my luck. Lo and behold, there is a promotion discount on points needed and I just qualified for a Club Room at Traders Hotel, Singapore. I invited my sister and brother in-law together with their 7 year old daughter for the celebration.

It was a very pleasant check-in and I informed the manager I would be celebrating my birthday when I provided our details. The manager checked us in and informed we’ve been upgraded to a suite! My husband and I were so delighted. It was such a pleasant birthday surprise! Needless to say, we had a lot of fun and the room looks very newly renovated, clean and spacious.

We had the view of the lovely swimming pool, the sun was shining so brightly and inviting. Swimming was fun and my niece enjoyed the float very much, splashing all around. Room service was good too, we were too lazy to walk out for a meal and just wanted to enjoy the room more. Chicken rice was a good portion, with tender chicken slices with fragrant rice and condiments.

The Club Room comes with lovely breakfast, aromatic freshly brewed coffee and tea with a good view. It was so relaxing just having breaks there and it certainly helps that the Club Room are child-friendly, much to the delight of my niece. There was another hotel that wouldn’t allow children in the Club Room and she wasn’t too happy about it. The cheerful cupcakes and little bites were good.

Thank you Shangri-la for making my day and giving us such fond memories that we’ll remember for life!

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