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"My personal window in my second home in Hong Kong"



I love my second home in Hong Kong since I was 5 yo ...
My Father's Home is at the Shangrila , " nxt door "in the early '80's and he was "fascinated" with the automatic closure of its curtain ....

Let's fast forward 50 years later,

I found my own place in this room at the Intercontinental Hotel, formerly Holiday Inn in which my Uncle, LAN of Vaya Tour had utilized & I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Nee, Duty Manager whom provided such an impeccable service to include dining experience that I felt so much at home in this picture missing only me on the bed( there is a-dent there!).

Uncle had passed since then and I have now a permanent sorely missed feelings that can only be soothed with this serene picture in addition to my buddy, George..from school who retired in Hong Kong. YES, ..Older folks tends to get sentimental when we breathe in the Hong Kong Harbor
And feast at the sight My Uncle LAN had said to me once: " Hong Kong is An Island of My ...Paradise."

No worries, I shall be returning to my home sweet home in 5 ...and counting,

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