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My Incredible Greca Weekend at Shangri-La Hotel Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia


My Incredible Greca Weekend at Shangri-La Hotel Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

As the lucky Your Circle winner for the month of July 2015, for my article on Mongolia’s Naadam, I got to stay at a Shangri-La hotel or resort of my choice.

The best choice for a staycation that I dubbed Greca Weekend? Shangri-La Hotel Ulaanbaatar, of course, just five minutes away from my apartment. Yes!

I presented myself at Reception, and Mr. Gary Biondo, General Manager, and Ms. Marge de Leon-da Costa, Front Office Manager, were on hand to give me the warmest of Shangri-la brand welcomes.

With my very, very light luggage hanging loosely from my right arm, Ms. Enkhuu took me to the 17th floor, to my pleasant residence for the weekend, where a Golden Circle welcome tray awaited, prepared according to the direction of Howard Hu, EAM Rooms.

Ms. da Costa facilitated the redemption of my Golden Circle award points, so I could avail of the brunch and dinner buffets, while Mr. Biondo offered breakfasts. Everything was taken cared of.

At the Café Park, where all my dining took place, Mr. Tsolmon welcomed me back. He knew me from previous visits. He was very accommodating, suggesting and offering drinks to go with my meals. Mr. Fayaz Samsudeen, Food & Beverage Director, was also there, checking if my needs were met, or if I wanted something.

The Shangri-La Hotel, Ulaanbaatar, is one of the youngest hotels in the group, but one of the busiest. Weddings, conferences, award nights, and more.

On the first week of its opening, the Shangri-La Ballroom was right away whisked into a frenzy by the holding of the prestigious Mongolian Movie Awards Night. I attended the glitzy affair, and hobnobbed with the hardworking cinema group. Felt like a Hollywood star, and pretended to cover my face, when the paparazzi bulbs went flashing, as I stepped out of the ballroom.

On their first brunch ever, in June, the Ulaanbaatarites came in droves. Those droves included my ISU colleagues and I, who are quite familiar with Shangri-La quality and tastes. We were not disappointed.

Shangri-La Hotel Ulaanbaatar will have its hands full, what with all the huge arrivals of delegates and representatives to conferences and meetings, the biggest, most anticipated one, being next year’s ASEM, the Asia-Europe Summit Meeting, which Ulaanbaatar is hosting. By that time, Shangri-La Hotel Ulaanbaatar’s phase two buildings will be ready to serve the world.

Back to the Greca weekend experience at the Shangri-La Hotel Ulaanbaatar, well, I am telling you now, I will be back.

I would like to thank the following people for making the Greca Shangri-La Hotel Ulaanbaatar weekend possible and memorable:

Mr. Gary Biondo, General Manager, Shangri-La Hotel Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia;
Ms. Marge de Leon-da Costa, Front Office Manager, Shangri-La Hotel Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia;
Mr. Fayaz Samsudeen, Director, Food & Beverage, Shangri-La Hotel Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia;
Mr. Howard Hu, EAM Rooms, Shangri-La Hotel Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia;
Mr. Tsolmon, Café Park, Shangri-La Hotel Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia;
Ms. Enkhuu, Reception, Shangri-La Hotel Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia;
and last, but not least,
Ms. Susanna Wong, Director, Golden Circle Member Services, Shangri-La International Hotel Management, and,
Mr. Greg Dogan, President and CEO, Shangri-La International Hotel Management.

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