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My First Snorkeling


My First Snorkeling

This summer, I visited Philippine for the first time. I heard that Cebu is surrounded by beautiful sea. So, I thought I want to look under the sea.
The next morning when I arrived at Shangri-La’s Mactan Resort & spa, I went to beach side.
I looked information board which there were written "Today's activity" at beach side.
"Snorkeling Safari"
I have never been snorkel. But, everything start from the first time. Well, I will challenge snorkeling! My first snorkeling started from here.

PM1:00, my first snorkeling began with lecture on how to wear mask and fin. I walked beach like a penguin, and went into the sea. The moment I dived into the sea, I found many fishes. There were another world. I was swimming with colorful fishes.
"Come here."
I heard instructor‘s voice when I rose to surface the sea. I followed his voice. I dived there. I met another fishes.
"Come here." "Come here."
I went according to instructor's lead in the sea. Oh, beautiful. It was a great panorama of the sea.

At last I arrived marine sanctuary of Mactan. In explanation of marine sanctuary, there are teeming with more than 160 species of marine life.
I found few Clownfish at there.
"Wow, NIMO ! "
They were model of animation cinema. I would be able to boast it. First of all, I would tell it to my wife waiting at the beach.
"I will go back soon." That moment, I felt biting pain on my foot. That was attack of NIMO House (Clownfish’s nest= sea anemone). Because, I kicked NIMO House by mistake.
"Oh, revenge of NIMO House! I'm sorry. Pardon me. "

I went back to beach. Instructor staff poured miracle water on my foot. To tell the truth, that miracle water was vinegar. But that miracle water worked wonder on my pain.

At any rate, 1 hour Snorkeling Safari that was contented with my challenge spirit.
I want more enjoy underwater adventure again. NIMO and their house, they would be make welcome me? I am expecting much of next visiting and snorkeling.

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