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My dream of Paris


My dream of Paris

My wife and her friend went to France at early in April.
She said, it was very wonderful that walk in Paris city of early spring. And I heard that she tasted many delicious foods. Fresh oyster and white wine, Macaron, Fruit tart etc.
And more she said with joy, she was very much impressed by Mont Saint-Michel.

I have never been to France.
I regret that I could not go to France with her.

I want to walk in Paris city.
If I can go to Paris, I will walk a riverside of the Seine on a fine morning.
If I can go to Paris, I will go on a cruise to art museums in the daytime.
If I can go to Paris, I will drink many cups of wine, and I will eat delicious foods in the night.
I’m dreaming of Paris.

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