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Manihi: An Aloha Atoll; A Paradise found!


Manihi: An Aloha Atoll; A Paradise found!

Growing up in a beautiful Island of Indonesia, we are always in search of Island paradise..
Are we, brave enough to discover an Atoll whereby fish outnumbered people?
Are we, brave enough to go shark fishing?

We, settled for a remote Atoll where there is no airport but a shack of open palms to welcome us;
An open ocean to welcome an overwhelming amount of fish that would nibble at us as soon as we snorkle and swam into the open ocean water!

We, brave the BBQ picnic with the start of line fishing for our picnic meal..
& while our team leader brave the coconut tree and cook our fresh catch to include education of live fresh caught Octopus (he, then tore the heart out as he slurp..yumm) not for squeamish.
The abalone was colorful enough to be opened and cooked ...
While the colorful eel peeks by the surrounding coral reef in which I would of not noticed until the eye opening venture!

Lastly, we fished the "shark tip" that spooked my Husband and he had scraped his knees while snorkeling...I, thoroughly enjoyed fishing them out of the water and strictly" catch and release " friendly smiling shark tipped circling the clear Atoll of Manihi.

Mahalo and Aloha from an Exotic Atoll of the French Polynesia,

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