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Majestic Mahabaleshwar


Majestic Mahabaleshwar

Just 5 hours from the hustling city of Mumbai is the renowned hill station - Mahabaleshwar!
The hill station is famous for its 'strawberry with cream' and 'corn based delicacies'.
The weather at Mahabaleshwar is cool all year around, as it is sitting at a height of 4400 feet.
Some sights I highly recommend to visit are boating at the Venna Lake, Sunset point, Arther's seat, Echo point and Elephants' nose and TableLand in Panchgani, about 15 mins from Mahabaleshwar.
You will often see people from Mumbai and Pune flock here even for 2-3 days visit.
Eating corn on the cob at Venna Lake and trying the fresh carrots directly from the farms is something one can never experience in a city. Bageecha restaurant is famous for all their corn preparations and strawberry with cream.
Everyone who visits here, definitely comes back with crush and syrups from Mapros and Manama and the famous jelly sweets to distribute to their near and dear ones.
Monsoons have their own charm in Mahabaleshwar where one is engulfed with fog and mist.
The main market is a great time to spend your evening with trying a hand at shopping. It is an absolute must to shop for footwear from the market as they come dirt cheap and very stylish.
With lots of nostalgic memories of this hill station, I urge everyone to visit here at least in their lifetime.

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