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Luxury in the Desert..


Luxury in the Desert..

A tourist would consider himself only a foreigner when traveling in another country. Not so with me, I know one country like it's my land.. Dubai! I'm a lady and yet I travel alone to this country every year like a pilgrimage. Dubai captivated me with it's majestic appeal and splendor almost unashamed of it's extravagance. They have the tallest building in the world, a man- made snow park and an island they shaped into a palm. It is an open country. An arab country that is open to trade and tourism and investments. It will surprise you of it's almost western approach to tourism. They have about 70% tourists and only 40% locals. Tourists are allowed to wear the normal clothes and can even wear swimsuits to the beach. They use the english language to communicate with tourists and almost each country is represented in their labor force in bars, hotels, stores and cafes. You will find yourself being served by Lebanese, Ethiopians, Chinese, Indians & Filipinos.
The food is surprisingly not spicy at all, but healthy with a variety of salads to offer from Greek to Arabic. They know how to prepare their meat, even their lamb chops are lean and fresh and well cooked. The best thing I loved in that country is the dessert.
They have delicious desserts that are always sprinkled with pistachio nuts and drizzled with honey!

Why do I keep coming back to this land of milk & honey?
I come back for the people.. Their peace loving nationals that make up it's whole tourist appeal. You will see around locals walking in their traditional gowns that are white for men and black for women. They walk so regal donning their head gears, giving you a peak into their culture that you will really know you are in another part of the world. Their silent acceptance of foreigners will assure you you're safe in their land.

The only thing to think of now is the weather. It is hot and humid in Dubai. A real desert country, the strong heat of the sun is evident throughout any day in their midst that can't be camouflaged by their skyscrapers. However, I will tell you though that even this doesn't matter (unless you are at their Jumeira beach) because they have air conditioning everywhere. Everywhere you go- from your hotel, to the bus, to the convenience stores. It's fully air conditioned. You know what else they air conditioned? Their waiting sheds! Yes they have air conditioned waiting sheds! Didn't I tell you earlier how lavish they are? They know how to make up for what they don't have. So in the absence of a cold weather they made a snow park and fully air conditioned sheds.

That's why I keep coming back to Dubai.. They know how to treat their tourists right. They pamper them with comfort.

So if you are a traveler.. Experience luxury in the desert.
Go see the waiting sheds of Dubai!

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