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Lovely Memories in Borneo


Lovely Memories in Borneo

From 4 years ago, I and wife spent every summer holiday at Shangri-La hotels.
Pinang, Borneo, Borneo, Cebu……
Where do I spend this year's summer holidays? I thought a few days. And I decided to spend this year's summer holidays in Borneo.
This time, I chose Tanjung Aru as our residence. Because, I wanted to experience the Borneo different from when stayed in Rasa Ria.
I heard that my friends will arrive at Borneo in one day later than me. They're going to stay in Rasa Ria. So I made an appointment to have dinner with my friends at Kota Kinabalu. I had look forward to trip of Borneo more than before.

However, my mother suddenly got sick when our travel two weeks before. Emergency hospitalization, surgery……. One week passed quickly. In the meantime, I could not afford to think of travel. My mother was recovering steadily. And I came to think that to cancel the trip.
But, my sister expressed opposition to me.
"Why will you cancel your travel? Mom is getting better. While in the hospital, you are no need for worry. If she were to know that you canceled the trip for myself, she will grieve surely. You must go on a trip in order to prevent that she think sad."
"Really are you okay?"
My sister said "Of course. Please enjoy your travel."
After 3 days, I and my wife departed to Borneo.

Borneo was great in every respect. The beautiful sunset that is called one of the best in the world. Warm hearted local peoples. I thought, I was good to come to Borneo. Among the days spent in Borneo, especially dinner party was dreamy time to us.

I couldn’t search good restaurant which take dinner with friends. So, I asked the best restaurant to the hotel staff. She taught me a famous restaurant of Kota Kinabalu city. Then she suggested a dinner of inviting friends to the Shangri-La Tanjung Aru. Cocktail time of sunset bar and taking dinner in the seaside restaurant. Her proposal was wonderfully fascinating. I obtained consent of friends, I have ordered her to arrange our dinner party.

That day, we had joined with friends in Kota Kinabalu city, we went back Tanjung Aru in the early evening. There had been prepared seat of the front when we went the Sunset bar. After sunset, we were guided to the seaside cabana. We enjoyed the seafood, wine and delightful conversation while blowing in the sea breeze. It was a special time that we could not have in urban city. Friends were also delighted to have been able to enjoy the resort. We are grateful to the hotel staff who gave the wonderful suggestion and perfect support for us.

Of course, our wonderful memories that there is also thanks to the sister who have readily consented our travel.

Currently my mother is in hospital for rehabilitation. Mother said, looking at sunset photo of Tanjung Aru.
"What a beautiful. I want to go for looking this sunset by my eyes. I will do my best for to go there."
I hope the day when my mother be able to see beautiful sunset of Tanjung Aru, will come as soon as possible.

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