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Los Viajes!


Los Viajes!

Beyond the windows of your helicopter lies a tropical oasis, Tikal. This is the cradle of the great and empowering Mayan Civilization that rose to power during the 10th century A.D. From impressive pottery to calendar-making, the Mayan Civilization is known to be one of the strongest empires in Mesoamerica, full of rich Spanish and Guatemalan culture.

Upon arrival, guests are escorted to a traditional lodge, just minutes away from the Mayan ruins. Surrounded by the lush greenery of the Amazon Rainforest, the ruins of these Mayan temples are perhaps one of the most fascinating UNSECO World Heritage Sites on planet Earth.

First built by deeply religious Mayan slaves, the Temple of Ah Cacao hold significant value to the gods they worshipped. Thousand year old large stone bricks in the formation of pyramids, house tombs of great warriors and rulers of the time, scaring evil spirits off and paying tribute to the gods of nature. Hieroglyphic writing, gold plating and jade slabs are the last remaining reminisces of their culture, still being preserved to this day.

And when time permits, a stroll around the Tikal National Park is an eye-opening experience- a chance to see 2,000 different animal species all at once, notably the eccentric and almost extinct “spider-monkey” of Guatemala. Lastly, for those nature aficionados, you will be glad to spot an abundance of rare flowering plants, canopies and “kapok trees”, planted deep into the soil of the Amazon Rainforest!

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  1. Jeffrey: 3 years, 11 months ago

    Really strange that you associate the Tikal National Park with the Amazon Rainforest!

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