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Local Flavour, Awesome Food, and Memorable Singapore!


Local Flavour, Awesome Food, and Memorable Singapore!

In March, my husband quit his job. He worked there for about 10 years. My family decided to take a trip to Singapore before starting his new job, moving into a new place, and starting our new life.

Actually, we didn't know Singapore well.
When we arrived at Singapore, we thought this country is the melting pot of different ethnic groups!

What is the 'Identity of Singapore'?
I guess...Singapore is...
Like Malaysia, China, the Arab States, India, and so on... diversity!
What fun I had! The people across the city were various country, and the Hawker food centre sold a variety of inexpensive food.
The most exotic food was the frogs! At the Hawker food centre, the frogs were still alive and the only thing refrigerated were beers and cold beverages.
Even though we were a little scared, we decided to order frogs' legs. Steamed frog with garlic was delicious. Even our 3 years old son was gobbling them up. The frogs were excellent.

One of my favorite foods is Kaya toast. Kaya is a kind of jam made from eggs, sugar and coconut milk.
I bought many jars of kaya jam as I like it very much.
Every morning after this trip, I start off my day with the kaya toast!!

This country is great not only the people and foods but also place!
My favorite place is the Sentosa Island.
Sentosa Island has been a fun park for families.
At first, we went to Universal Studios Singapore(USS).
The sights were wonderful and what impressed us most was the Transformer. Because it was an amazing 4D experience. The 3D effects, smoke, water, and heat are all done so seamlessly, it doesn't feel like a ride at all.
We really enjoyed our day out here.
After USS, I went to a casino at the hotel. Casino was very difficult for me because I had never tried.
Needless to say, I was loser. However, it was so fun!
Next day, we went to sea shore.
The sunset was very beautiful ! We enjoyed a panoramic view of Singapore as the sunset.
At night, we watched the projection mapping!
Art of lights and water made the beautiful moments. It was fantastic night in a very nice atmosphere with an excellent view.

We have never been in such a welcoming, convenient, clean, and interesting country.
We became addicted to the charm of Singapore!
We wish we could stay longer!!
He embarked on a new life after the perfect holidays.

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